Hugh G - Tenant

Excellent Service, dealt with very professionally. I would recommend Nicola Kennedy Letting to anyone looking in the Uddingston and Bothwell area.

Robert Campbell - Landlord

Absolutely outstanding service. My property was rented within a week. Glad to have met such a professional letting agent. Would definitely recommend. Thanks

RJ - Tenant

Riccardo and Nicola are an excellent team to manage properties. They are always keeping you in the loop and look after your property as well as looking after their tenants . Suzanne is also an excellent member to have on board not to forget Nicola`s mum who helps at the last minute . A family business but very professionally run.

Lesley Blair - Landlord

Our son was wanting to find out about letting his flat, as he was unsure on whether or not to sell or let. We approached Nicola Kennedy Letting for advice to get information to help make a decision. We found that they where extremely helpful and very friendly in their approach. Our son was very pleased with the information he received and he is now making up his mind on what to do. If he decides to let, he will definitely use Nicola Kennedy Letting.

R K Smith - Landlord

Nicola Kennedy Letting has been a great choice, my flat was let within 2 weeks. Good service, good fees, great result. Thanks again for your help...

Keith Patterson - Tenant

We went with NKL as a result of their top quality customer service. The first property we looked at wasn't for us but I was keen to look at more through them because of their attitude.

Angela McBeath - Landlord

We were given very good advise from Nicola regarding our house. As it was our fisrt time letting we were quite nervous and not to sure how to go about it. Nicola made it all very simple and we have never looked back. Nothing was any trouble to her and she keeps us up to date with everything. Very good company with very good service. Value for money.

Billy McQueen - Landlord

We let out our home for the first time via Nicola Kennedy Letting. We were so unsure on what to do, how to do it and when to do it. A friend recommended Nicola Kennedy Letting and we booked a visit time with them that suited us. Nicola herself came out after hours and explained each step that we had to go through to let out our home, the advice was fantastic. Nicola Kennedy Letting were genuinely interested in helping us. We got fantastic advice from them, that we followed. With their great help and advice, our home has been let to a really nice couple that have given us no problems whatsoever. We have no hesitation on recommending Nicola Kennedy Letting to anyone looking to let out their property.

Rosamond Wall - Tenant

This is the first letting agent that I have ever used. I was impressed with their professionalism from the beginning. Having used them for over a year now, I have found that the service that they offer is excellent. Nothing is too much trouble for them, right down to the smallest detail. I have highly recommended them to others seeking rental properties.